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From @Peter_Wehner
The "basis" for my piece in @TheAtlantic isn't "anonymous quotes from hate-filled, unauthoritative sources",…
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From @busbybonnie
@Peter_Wehner @TheAtlantic @MarkDavis Peter, perhaps next you could analyze this kind of denial of facts. Surely it…
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From @MarvinGardens55
@Peter_Wehner @TheAtlantic @MarkDavis Just subscribed to @TheAtlantic. Thank you for your article.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MarvinGardens55: #TheAtlantic dropped comments because everyone always showed them wrong. @Peter_Wehner is - just like duty2warn, whose shtick he borrows - he only helps Trump. He just isn't bright enough to figure out what Trump fans want & show them Trump won't deliver.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@busbybonnie: if you can put aside Trump's manner, his shtick, etc & look at what he's promised (less immigration, less globalism, less free trade) it's all things Dems used to promise 20+ years ago. @Peter_Wehner is a Bushie NeoLiberal. He knows the $ is in being pro Big Biz.