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Andy Grewal
Iowa City, Iowa
LawProf @uiowa. Interests: public law, tax law, politics. Tweets are often silly/snarky. @YaleJReg and @SSRN have my serious stuff. Views mine only. (Grey-wall)
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From @AjitPaiFCC
We’re (note: correct usage) living in a fallen world and it’s (note: correct usage) sad: the Apostrophe Protection…
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From @Dviddles
@AjitPaiFCC @AndyGrewal Americans' are receivin' lot's of "Robocalls"
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Dviddles: given reality, are the tactics you etc use against @AjitPaiFCC working? Did waving signs make him push NN? Did dozens of robocall tweets make him do anything? Recruit smart people to engage him in debate on video using Socratic questions. That's the smart way.