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Robby Starbuck
Nashville & Los Angeles
Director and Producer • Free Thinker • Prod. Co. Owner • Married to @iMatriarch • Futurist • Proud Dad • Cuban American🇺🇸 • Host @GrowUpLive
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From @willsommer
Trump employs a QAnon conspiracy theory believer as pastry chef at Mar-a-Lago. She posts about QAnon gingerbread ho…
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From @robbystarbuck
@willsommer I’m genuinely wondering what the newsworthiness of this is? Why put a middle class pastry chef at risk…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
It's because @willsommer is a fascist: do what I say or else. He can't show Trump wrong even though it's incredibly easy. Just be thankful he can't put people on trains. MT @robbystarbuck Why put a middle class pastry chef at risk of losing her job over something so ridiculous?
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From @misstozak
RT @robbystarbuck: Surprising moment of honesty from Diane Feinstein as she to tells Democrats not to hold their breath for impeachment. ht…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@misstozak: @caseytolan enabled a fascistic attempt to stifle debate: Use to undercut him to real liberals. #MAGA