Alternet deletes comment (Kyle de Beausset, NCLR)

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I've left several comments on Alternet's immigration entries, and as far as I know none had been deleted until the last. That last comment was left on the entry "Minutemen Scream "F@$k You Brown Boy!" at Latinos Attending Obama Talk" by Kyle de Beausset ( That post is just the latest in that leftwing site's long line of far-left articles supporting illegal immigration; note that in contrast to some other leftwing sites, left-leaning commenters occasionally call Alternet on their biases.

The comment is included below; how exactly it violates their "community policies" isn't clear since I've been unable to find out what those are. It doesn't seem to violate the rules of other sites, and I'm going to ask Alternet to explain exactly what the problem is.

De Beausset (aka "kyledeb") operates the site Citizen Orange ( and contributes to The Sanctuary ( and he starts the post with the following:

I'm here in San Diego where Barack Obama just spoke at the annual National Council of La Raza (NCLR) conference. NCLR flew me out here and provided with me accommodations at the luxurious San Diego Marriot Hotel Marina. I was given the opportunity after I helped publicize NCLR's latest We Can Stop the Hate video using Digg and StumbleUpon, among other new media tools.

The comment that was deleted follows; unfortunately, I forgot to call them on their false headline in that there was just one supposed "Minuteman":

Thank you, Alternet!
Whenever someone's confused over the meaning of the word "irony", I'll send them to this post. It's truly ironic that the only incident of racism at a La Raza convention Alternet can find is an alleged incident from one loon. "Brown boy" isn't exactly a common slur, and it's quite likely that it was said in response to him being called "white boy". There are also plenty of goons on Alternet's side. Oops: I didn't mean to reduce myself to the NCLR-funded kyledeb's side by engaging in guilt by association.

If Alternet is going to continue publishing open borders articles, let me suggest at the least getting better writers.


any thing you say about La Raza as a race hate group will just disappear. we must start to put it together and stop thinking about the right thing to do only one thing you can do is to start to get the ideals of total war with this government using the ideals of the muslim in iraq we will disappear as a country and as a people if we just do nothing but talk and write soon the pigs will stop us from doing that and sad to say most will just get in line for the camps which will be the cities and you will be the target inside the coming race war on you, most will have kids killed and family raped and most of you will just call the cops who will be doing. the murder and rape of your kids is preordained by your Inaction your familiesin the eyes of our enemies are nothing but shit to be killed. as far as our enemies care you are nothing but a doomed Animal to be used and replaced, you basic social order will be that of the mexico city gangs, buy guns do nothing until our enemies make the move after that remove our enemies by using the ideals of freedom and the ideals of 1776 with guns of Liberate and the ideals of no hate only the ideals of justice, fight like men not animals and above all other things fight together and fight smart. and don't care about what your enemy think's of you, who cares about what your target thinks. Long live the USA Death ALL ITS ENEMIES Both big and little, pick your target well and shot for the right to live in a free nation of laws and not rats who rule you like prison bitchs. by the way bush sign a 4 billion dollar deal with iran do you get whats happening inside the pig powers and Obama also made a side deal with our enemies.

In a city council meeting today the head of LaRaza in san diego city AND ITS POLITICAL ARM talked about how LaRaza has got into all areas of government and business with a eye to handing over the south west to mexico, its not a joke its happening right on inside city government and state government and federal government our enemies are many.

'NCLR flew me out here and provided with me accommodations at the luxurious San Diego Marriot Hotel Marina.' I sure hope those weren't our tax dollars. I would love to see an accounting to find out if La Raza is run like Teach For America.