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George P. Bush

George Prescott Garnica Bush - better known as George P. Bush or just "P" - is the son of Jeb Bush and nephew of George W Bush. Expect him to run for political office - up to President - some day.

P is part Hispanic and fully ethnocentric. From an August 2, 2000 Reuters article:

George P. Bush is the son of Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife Columba - which makes him the nephew of the Republican candidate for President. At a recent Republican rally he spoke in fluent Spanish about how his mother had instilled in him the values of Cesar Chavez, the Chicano who organized farmworkers. "She told me we have to fight for our race, we have to find the leaders who represent us," he said. About his uncle the candidate [George W Bush], he said, "This is a President who represents the diversity of our society, who we can count on to change the Republican Party to represent our views."

In 2010, P founded Hispanic Republicans of Texas, a political action committee to promote Hispanics running for state and local offices

In 2007, P's decision to join the Navy Reserve was clearly at least partly political. Later that year, he joined the Fred Thompson team, while others linked to the Bush family joined with other presidential candidates.

In 2004, P spoke out against the Border Patrol's use of non-lethal weapons (pepper-ball guns) and eventually had to backtrack.

Per a Border Patrol spokesman: "[The pepper-ball guns] allow us to disarm migrants throwing softball sized rocks at agents, without using deadly force against them." By August 2004, 89 Border Patrol agents had been assaulted, including by "rockings", some organized.

George P. Bush called the use of those non-lethal weapons "reprehensible" and "kind of barbarous." P blamed their use on "some local INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) guy who's trying to be tough, act macho". P said "there shouldn't be this use of arms" and supported "substantive reform so that folks can move back and forth" across the U.S.-Mexico border. On a related note, the Mexican government threatened to sue over those same non-lethal weapons.

In 2006, P was scheduled to speak at a major pro-illegal immigration march in Dallas. That "Mega March" drew up to 500,000 people, but P was a no-show for unknown reasons.

The Bush family are concerned with their legacy and the dynastic nature of their family. George W. Bush allowing massive illegal immigration from Mexico might have been part of a long-term plan to change the demographics of the U.S. to make a presidential run by P easier. It's not difficult to imagine P running as a Democrat if it would better suit him.

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Over three years ago I asked if the Teaparty movement will stumble us into amnesty, and before then I pointed out that supporters of amnesty include those in the Teaparty sphere.

Republicans to push amnesty (Jeb Bush, Ed Gillespie, Robert George, George P. Bush) - 02/22/10

Peter Wallsten of the Wall Street Journal offers the misleading "GOP's Demographic Wager: Wooing Latino Candidates" (link). Much could be said about the false assumptions that Wallsten and those quoted make, but I'll save that for another time and just summarize who's involved: Some high-profile Republicans are adopting a softer vocabulary on immigration and trying to recruit more Hispanic candidates, a response to the party's soul-searching about tactics that many strategists believe have alienated the country's fastest-growing voter bloc... In Texas, George P Bush, the half Mexican-American...

Huge warning sign: George P. Bush joins Fred Thompson team - 12/11/07

George P. Bush ("George Prescott Bush") has ( joined the Fred Thompson as the National Chair of his "Young Professionals for Fred Thompson" group. This is at least the second link he has to the Bush family.

George P. Bush.. In The Navy - 03/21/07

Setting out to find pleasure, search the world for treasure, and learn science and technology, George P. Bush - Hispanic nephew of Our Leader George W. Bush - is joining the Navy Reserve as an intelligence officer. He'll serve eight years, but he'll make it thirty more years if we're lucky. In the unlucky option, he'd get out when he's 38. To run for president you have to be 35, and this is a likely precursor to the U.S.

Dallas illegal aliens march: George P. Bush was scheduled - 04/09/06

Hundreds of thousands of foreign citizens are marching in our streets, making a show of force and demanding that we give in to their demands. Normally, you'd expect the president of the United States to be opposed to illegal aliens marching in our streets, but George W Bush is a quite different kind of president. George P. Bush - nephew of the president of the United States - was scheduled to speak, but didn't show up.

Have the Bushes finally lost it over immigration? - 04/05/06

Has the immigration "debate" had a debilitating toll on the Bush family? First up we have Jeb Bush race-baiting the issue: "My wife came here legally, but it hurts her just as it hurts me when people give the perception that all immigrants are bad... The cumulative effect of some politicians pounding their chests about immigration is hurtful to both of us," [Jeb] wrote, referring to himself and his brother.

Si, El Presidente - 08/01/05

Want to see something disturbing? Go to the RNC web site at and click on their "photo gallery", which is one of the three links above the main picture on the front page. Notice anything... odd about all six of those pictures? Details here. Obviously, if almost everyone in the pictures were black or Asian it would be more noticeable for most; if almost everyone were white it would result in "liberal" outrage. Now, let's go a little further... Got the box ready? Extra-strength?

Racist liberals? Isn't that an oxymoron? - 01/19/05

Since most "liberals" would jump to defend the people who made the following quotes, is there any reason not to call those "liberals" what they are: racists? MARIO OBLEDO - (1998 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and former head of Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund - MALDEF) "California is going to be a Mexican state, we are going to control all the institutions. If people don't like it they should leave."

"Bush nephew backs off on INS" - 08/30/04

I think at this point we can assume he's representing the administration's viewpoint: Presidential nephew George P. Bush, campaigning in Tucson Thursday, backed off his weekend charge [that would be 8/21/04 --LW] that the U.S.

"Mexico may sue U.S. over pepper-ball projectiles" - 08/25/04

As previously posted, a small number of paintball-style non-lethal weapons have been used by the Border Patrol to non-lethally protect themselves against rock-throwing illegal aliens and smugglers. Mexican politicians complained, "high-level" meetings were held. Then, Presidential Nephew George P.

"Bipartisan betrayal at the border" - 08/25/04

Michelle Malkin's latest column touches on George P. Bush's comments about the Border Patrol (link):

You can probably figure out where this story is going - 08/21/04

On August 13, Reuters ran "Mexico protests US border agents' pepper weapons": Mexican opposition legislators are up in arms over the US Border Patrol's use of weapons firing plastic bullets filled with pepper powder against Mexican migrants as they cross the border illegally...