Huge warning sign: George P. Bush joins Fred Thompson team

George P. Bush ("George Prescott Bush") has ( joined the Fred Thompson as the National Chair of his "Young Professionals for Fred Thompson" group. This is at least the second link he has to the Bush family.

"P." is a budding racial demagogue who spoke out against the Border Patrol's use of non-lethal weapons and eventually had to backtrack. He was even scheduled to attend the major illegal immigration march in Dallas but then didn't show for one reason or another (probably would have been too obvious). And, if you think dynastically, changing the demographics of the U.S. to be more Hispanic might actually be an intentional move to make a president run by "P." easier (he might even run as a Democrat).

Unfortunately, some of the other candidates have their own links to the Bush family, and they're even conflicting. Jeb Bush Jr. is working for Rudy Giuliani as the Chairman of "Florida Young Professionals for Rudy" ( at the same time as some of his father's former workers are now with Mitt Romney's campaign. Why, it's just like dynasties of old used to do it.

Given the Bush record of the last eight years, even Hillary would be better than someone who's got Bush links.


I will stay home before I vote for the Hildebeast.

No current Democrat leader will ever get my vote.

Good post Wacko, George P is a spic by blood so he can't be trusted.

Every real contender for the Republican nomination is suspect on immigration. But consider the alternatives, the Democratic candidates are hopeless. They know mass illegal immigration will bring them power if it first doesn't take it away. So the issue should be how to force the Republicans into clear and unequivocal positions around sound immigration policy so that it becomes a key issue and clearly understandable to the electorate in the general election. The stars in most other issues tend to line up with Democrats and this is one of the few places where Republicans can actually have an advantage against the Democrats. But the time to do that is during the primaries where rank and file Republicans, who are much clearer on the issue, can force the issue. The question is how to do it.

Consider the alternatives? Consider that there are hardly any alternatives.

Fred Thompson is Bush and all for what Bush want's.

I can't imagine voting for Hillary. I never would. George W. Bush is the worst president in history and to be working with him or his collaborators is a black mark on any Republican.

Anybody hazard a guess as to how many Clinton I retreads there are in the Hildebeest campaign? D.C. was their amusement park for 8 fun years in the 90s (after the End of History and prior to the Age of Terror) and they want to go back on the rides. The Bush clan has been fruitful and has multiplied, so there's bound to be scads of them all over the Republican campaigns. Thank god there is only one Clinton spawn (that we know of).