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Twitter censors Jen Siebel Newsom (CA First "Partner") - 02/14/23

Hiding non-extremist content as "potentially sensitive" is one of the many ways that Twitter engages in censorship on a mass scale. And, they've now done it to Jen Siebel Newsom, the wife of California governor Gavin Newsom.

California Dept of Public Health deceives about Covid-19 vaccines - 03/04/22

[UPDATE BELOW] The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and others deceive regarding Covid-19, even as they try to silence their opponents by accusing them of spreading "disinfo". For one example, see the CDPH PDF "Busting Myths with the Facts" from their "Trust and Safety team". The PDF (last updated 11/3/21) is at [1] and is archived at [2] in case it changes. It includes this:

Ask Dr. Erica Pan this question (Reddit Coronavirus AMA) - 05/06/21

Dr. Erica Pan of the California Department of Public Health [1] did a Reddit AMA today [2] but didn't answer a tough question I posted for her. She did, however, get lots of weak questions and responded with a few weak answers [3]. If you realize how vital it is that policy makers are asked tough questions rather than fluff questions, go to one of her public appearances and ask her the question I posted: My question is about the vax tiers. Those 65 and older were included in the first tier because they make up about 70% of the deaths.

Newsom, California DPH and OES Public Records Act request - 02/23/21

The following is a Covid19-related Public Records Act request sent to California governor Gavin Newsom, the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, and the California Department of Public Health on 2/23/21. See the Covid19 page for the background details.

Letter to Gavin Newsom 12/18/20 - 01/26/21

The following is a Covid19-related letter sent to California governor Gavin Newsom on 12/18/20. See the Covid19 page for the background details. Dear Governor Newsom:

California primary: Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina win; Gavin Newsom, Abel Maldonado? - 06/08/10

The results of the California primary are not at all pretty from a pro-American immigration position.

Sam Aanestad for California Lt. Governor? (against Maldonado, Newsom, Hahn) - 03/15/10

Someone I've never heard of before and know little about - California state senator Sam Aanestad - might be the best choice (so far) for Lt. Governor. Based only on a quick glance, his immigration position seems acceptable [1], but the much more important factor is who else is vying for the job: * Fellow Republican Abel Maldonado is his opponent in the primary. Maldonado is who Arnold Schwarzenegger wants for current Lt. Gov., which pretty much disqualifies him from consideration. * One of the Democrats in the running is Los Angeles City councilwoman Janice Hahn. Back in 2004 she responded to...

Gavin Newsom webchat Wed 10/28 12noon; submit questions about San Francisco's sanctuary policies - 10/26/09

California gubanatorial candidate Gavin Newsom will be conducting a live webchat at noon Pacific on Wednesday, October 28 (link).

Will Jerry Brown far-left radio diatribes be used by Gavin Newsom, GOP to portray themselves as mainstream? - 10/21/09

For three years in the 90s, former California governor Jerry Brown had a radio program Berkeley's far-left KPFA. Jack Chang of the Sacramento Bee has obtained copies of some of the programs (link, see [1]) and is ready to reveal some of their shocking contents. He speculates that Gavin Newsom (a strong illegal immigration supporter) and the GOP might use the excerpts against Brown. For instance, consider this shocking bit: [Brown] said U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both Democrats, had "sold out" U.S. truck drivers by letting their Mexican counterparts drive uninspected...

San Francisco supervisors overturn juvenile immigration reporting rule, complicate Newsom run - 10/21/09

From this: The San Francisco board of supervisors voted Tuesday to overturn a city policy that has been at the center of a national debate over offering illegal immigrants sanctuary. The policy, ordered by Mayor Gavin Newsom last summer, requires the police to contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement whenever they arrest a juvenile on felony charges who they suspect is in the United States illegally. Since the policy took effect last summer, more than 100 undocumented minors have been turned over to federal immigration authorities. Mr. Newsom has said the ordinance is necessary to prevent...

Gavin Newsom runs for California governor; *highlights* SF as sanctuary city, helping corrupt banks, and more - 04/21/09

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has announced his candidacy for governor of California.

Gavin Newsom's San Francisco violated federal law? Perks for illegal aliens, and much more - 08/03/08

Apparently the thought of "Governor Gavin Newsom" is as scary to the San Francisco Chronicle as it is to the rest of us, because they've actually done some real reporting on Frisco's sanctuary policy and their habit of supporting illegal immigration. First up is "Illegal immigrant arrested 5 times before feds told", about a 26-year-old crack dealer's trips through the revolving door (link). Then there's "S.F. fund aids teen felons who are illegals" (link): As San Francisco's juvenile justice system shielded young illegal immigrant felons from possible deportation, Mayor Gavin Newsom's office...

San Francisco approves ID card; corruption in plain sight; Tom Ammiano? - 11/14/07

The San Francisco Supervisors have approved a city ID card for everyone, including illegal aliens (link). While this will be sold as either a wacky plan from the far-left or a common-sense solution, the more likely reason this was pushed through is hiding in plain sight: [Bill author, supervisor Tom Ammiano] said banking institutions in San Francisco have signaled their willingness to accept the municipal ID card for the purpose of setting up accounts. He noted that people without bank accounts are frequently more vulnerable to theft and robbery. Officials with the city's Bank on San...

San Francisco: ID cards for illegal aliens (Tom Ammiano, Gavin Newsom, banks) - 09/07/07

San Francisco ("Frisco") is a true humanitarian city, a city that cares. Their latest proposal has nothing to do with making some people money or obtaining race-based power! Don't bother following the money and/or power trail, it isn't there. They just care about undocumented persons: San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano is drafting legislation to create a city identification card for immigrants unable to get traditional ID cards, a move likely to anger advocates of tougher immigration enforcement. The cards would be accepted by all city agencies and organizations that receive city funding...

Latino, Irish Catholics in illegal immigration march (Archdiocese of San Francisco, Irish government) - 06/10/07

It's not just the Mexican government that meddles in our internal politics in order to support illegal immigration. The Irish government partly funds a group called the "Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform" [1], and yesterday some of their affiliates organized a march in San Francisco featuring 300 Latino and Irish Catholics demanding immigration "reform" (the falsely-titled "Irish, Latino Catholics march for immigrant rights" by Jill Tucker, link). The sponsors of the event: the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Catholic Charities CYO, the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights, the Irish...