Gavin Newsom's San Francisco violated federal law? Perks for illegal aliens, and much more

Apparently the thought of "Governor Gavin Newsom" is as scary to the San Francisco Chronicle as it is to the rest of us, because they've actually done some real reporting on Frisco's sanctuary policy and their habit of supporting illegal immigration.

First up is "Illegal immigrant arrested 5 times before feds told", about a 26-year-old crack dealer's trips through the revolving door (link).

Then there's "S.F. fund aids teen felons who are illegals" (link):

As San Francisco's juvenile justice system shielded young illegal immigrant felons from possible deportation, Mayor Gavin Newsom's office gave grants totaling more than $650,000 to nonprofit agencies to provide the underage offenders with free services - everything from immigration attorneys to housing assistance to "arts and cultural affirmation activities," city records show... Joseph Russoniello, the U.S. attorney for the northern district of California and a critic of San Francisco's past policy of not turning over undocumented juvenile immigrant felons for deportation, said the mayor's office was funding programs that might be violating federal law... "What it means to me," he said, "is they took the concept of sanctuary, and they applied it in a way that it is as close to harboring as I've ever seen."

In related news, Judicial Watch has filed a California Public Records Request for details on the recent triple murder allegedly performed by an illegal alien (link).