Buchanan notes dire consequences of "free" trade, establishment policies; now, here's what you can do

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Pat Buchanan discusses the ravages of "free" trade and other policies espoused by the establishment over the past decade here. Please go read it and then come back here and I'll tell you what you can do about it.

If you want to do something, you have to discredit those political leaders (broadly defined) who brought us to the current situation or those who aren't trying to do something about the current situation. The goal of that is to have an impact on their careers and reduce their influence. Even the most powerful people in the world need helpers to spread their message and to enact laws; if they have trouble finding helpers, they'll have much less influence.

I've posted thousands of posts here and left thousands of posts on various websites. That wasn't because I like to type. In most cases it was because I was trying to show how one of the "bad guys" (or their helpers) can't be trusted; my goal isn't to chat, to say "me too", or the like. My goal was to try to reduce the influence of the "bad guys".

You can do that too, but it's extremely difficult to find others who want to get off their couches and who - at the same time - are willing to do things in a smart, effective, pro-American, non-partisan, and popular way. The tea parties fail on all of those: waving signs is anti-intellectual and ineffective, and they're led by or consorting with the same types of people who got us into the current mess. And, the "partiers" are only concerned with themselves rather than with what's good for the U.S. as a whole; they're part of the problem.

Don't look to the "partiers" or to the parties for a solution: our problems go much deeper and involved a deeply corrupt elite that has little or no concern for the rest of America. It would be possible for even a small number of people who are willing to put in some time to show how the elites and their helpers are selling us out. The problem now is finding others willing to do things in a smart and effective way.