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april glaser
Oakland, CA
tech investigations @NBCNews. or 415-917-7510 on text or Signal. fellow @ShorensteinCtr at Harvard Kennedy School
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I wrote about blocking 8chan
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.@aprilaser: hey April, compare replies to Ajit Pai when logged in & when logged out. The logged-in is probably similar to what he sees. I.e., #Twitter is shielding him from dissent. See my pinned tweet for real data on how they protect Trump officials. Will you cover that?
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A bowl of rice a day is too good for parasites like you. MT @aprilaser my *multiple* deadline diet: halfa burrito, 9 cups of coffee, stick of gum, 7 cans off-brand la croix, whatever greens i can scrounge, second half veg burrito, mint tea, pbj, one cig