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Brookings: college students unclear on and don't fully support First Amendment - 09/19/17

From John Villasenor of the Brookings Institution [1]: To explore the critical issue of the First Amendment on college campuses, during the second half of August I conducted a national survey of 1,500 current undergraduate students at U.S. four-year colleges and universities...

Annenberg: most unclear on Constitutional protections, three branches, First Amendment - 09/19/17

From [1]: Many Americans are poorly informed about basic constitutional provisions, according to a new national survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center. The annual Annenberg Constitution Day Civics Survey finds that:

Eric Garcetti responds to Charlotte Unite The Right violence - 08/13/17

Los Angeles city Mayor Eric Garcetti - as much a mealy-mouthed empty suit dim bulb as his predecessor Antonio Villaraigosa has spoken out against the violent incident in Charlottesville,

Trump is no help against anti-speech far-left (Milo, Berkeley riots) - 02/02/17

Yesterday, an appearance at University of California at Berkeley by Breitbart News lightweight provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was canceled after far-left, anti-speech activists got violent (link):

Henry Waxman: government intervention to help MSM; far-left Soros group cheers (John Poirier, Tim Dobbyn) - 12/02/09

John Poirier of Reuters offers this (edited by Tim Dobbyn): House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, saying quality journalism was essential to U.S. democracy, said eventually government would have to help resolve the problems caused by a failing business model... Tweaks to the tax code to allow newspapers to spread losses over a greater number of years, providing a nonprofit structure to allow for public and foundation funding, and changes to antitrust laws are being considered by lawmakers and policymakers... [Waxman said] "Eventually government is going to have to be...

Fascistic open borders supporters smash window at Tom Tancredo event, shut it down; show no interest in free speech (UNC) - 04/15/09

Open borders supporters disrupted and shut down a speech by Tom Tancredo at the Chapel Hill campus of the University of North Carolina yesterday.

UK Culture Secretary wants ratings for websites; might negotiate with Obama administration - 12/26/08

From this: In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, [UK Culture Secretary] Andy Burnham says he believes that new standards of decency need to be applied to the web. He is planning to negotiate with Barack Obama’s incoming American administration to draw up new international rules for English language websites. The Cabinet minister describes the internet as "quite a dangerous place" and says he wants internet-service providers (ISPs) to offer parents "child-safe" web services. Giving film-style ratings to individual websites is one of the options being considered, he confirms. When asked...