Fascistic open borders supporters smash window at Tom Tancredo event, shut it down; show no interest in free speech (UNC)

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Open borders supporters disrupted and shut down a speech by Tom Tancredo at the Chapel Hill campus of the University of North Carolina yesterday. Local news report here; first person account here; one video is attached and another is here.

Shortly after he began speaking, students unfurled a "No Person is Illegal" banner in his face, which resulted in a tug-of-war. As that was going on, a protester who had been pounding on the outside of a window of the room finally broke it, with glass falling on a couple people inside. That's when campus security whisked Tancredo out of there; they ended up spraying pepper spray in the hall and getting a taser ready.

Outside, geography professor Altha Cravey "joined protesters in chanting the names of Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus". You can let her know your polite thoughts here: unc.edu/depts/geog/people/faculty/cravey and cc them to chancellor *at* unc.edu

What's most instructive here is that the far-lefties had no interest in free speech. One banner they unfurled said, "No dialogue with hate." And, outside, around a couple hundred of them engaged in this chant:

"We shut him down; no racists in our town... Yes, racists, we will fight, we know where you sleep at night!"

No liberal fascists here, not at all!

The way to do something about things like this is to work smarter, not harder. If everyone would just do one or more of these tips, things like this would happen less often and we could actually have a real debate about these issues.

UPDATE: The "Daily Tar Heel" student newspaper offers a raw video report from outside called "Dance party for diversity" (link). It includes someone with the farcical sign "By silencing others through hate speech, you are anti-free speech." Their mindless "no dialogue with hate" chant - made when Tancredo walked into the room - is here. From the other side, the video here purports to show the use of pepper spray and includes the mindless chant "shame on you".

1/16/12 UPDATE:: The video that was here (Youtube ID m7naTR5QCxo) was deleted by the user. I replaced it with another video from the same event.

Tancredo @ UNC #2


Looks like the B.O. Brown Shirts [B.S.Brigade] are on the march. Funny how B.S. supporters in the press, make conservative patriots look like dangerous and hate filled meanies, rather then the true defenders of the Constitution that we are. This is the result of said Freedoms, and the thanks Americans get from liberals, who now are having their day in the sun. They plan on eradicating conservatism and all thier talk of tollerance and human rights only apply to those who agree with their agenda. Revenge of the Nerds to say the least.

Sort of reminds me of how Mao used students create terror during the "Great Leap Forward." No where in the world will you find this level of stupidity than on an American college campus. Intolerance and hate are quite acceptable to these nut cases. These useful idiots are the future of your country, comrades.

If only... While we should continue presenting the facts, this video and countless others demonstrate the growing reluctance of open borders/pro-amnesty politicians, thugs and anarchists to permit debate. With no facts that could convince any citizen to support their erroneous agenda, they are bitterly clinging to all they have left...their hate and their feelings, and the predictable descent into the violence of the mob mentality. They have no interest in further debate, or facts, only the suppression of both. These 'teachers' and agitators are the ones that really should be on the DHS watch list, but don't hold your breath.

It's amazing how stupid some of these people are -- the fat chick at the beginning of the Tar Heel video comes off as almost catatonic, as if she's a badly programmed robot regurgitating PC cliches and nonsense per her programming.

Obama has set a date of may 1 2009, any getting out of line will be called Rebellious laws mean nothing.

its so third world monkey world just like the third world. just wait until the monkeys have you under the power of Obama the Red.

I think fred should be air dropped into enemy territory. He could give them a good dose of "shock and dawes". That will fix em.