Ruben Navarrette smears, misleads about Lou Dobbs (Enrique Morones almost co-writer)

Ruben Navarrette of the San Diego Union Tribune offers an anti-Lou Dobbs editorial (, which includes this in the middle:

So how did Dobbs get turned into a cartoon that got canceled? One reason is that he did something that he criticized his critics of doing: he conflated legal and illegal immigration. Not only because he gave loads of airtime to commentators, authors and advocacy groups that want to ban all immigration, but also because his show would seamlessly weave together segments on border security (which pertains directly to illegal immigration) with segments on language and culture (which can also be impacted by legal immigration). People figured Dobbs had issues with Latino immigrants - period. No matter how they get here.

1. Dobbs is married to someone of Mexican ancestry.
2. Almost no groups want to "ban all immigration", even those that support a moratorium.
3. Massive Latino immigration is an issue, and it's one that we need to discuss openly; Navarrette doesn't want to discuss it openly (far-left and racial power groups want to discuss it only even less).

One of the issues is right in the article, even if Navarrette won't acknowledge it: he repeatedly quotes Enrique Morones, a far-left supporter of illegal immigration who has served on an advisory council to the Mexican government. Obviously, such divided loyalties are a downside of massive Latino immigration, but you won't hear about it from those like Navarrette. (Navarete quotes Morones so much he might as well have written the whole column).

Navarrete also engages in anonymous smearing:

One former CNN executive who is Indian-American seemed to conclude as much. A few years ago, when she was still with the network, she told me that Dobbs saw himself as the defender of "real Americans" who looked more like him and nothing like her.

I'm going to guess that she just made that up, and for Navarete to repeat it is despicable. If anyone knows who she could be, please leave a comment.

And, before yet another smear, Navvarrette says:

Last year, during one of his monologues, he criticized me for backing up Obama after the then-presidential candidate accused Dobbs of stirring racial and ethnic animosity.

Now, compare what he says to what Obama actually said: he lied, and he also came very close to accusing Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh of inciting hate crimes. Obama did that because he's corrupt: he supports illegal activity in order to obtain power. Instead of pointing that out, Navarette just backed him up.


Is that guy really worth paying attention to? Who actually reads his drivel? Besides you I mean.

The guy is a tool of the open borders agenda. Recemtly tried to modify his agenda but don't buy it. He's a MORON.