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Hunter Penn
Minneapolis, MN
Creator: @MSDNCNews. Comedy, Progressive, Represented by @IlhanMN #Bernie2020
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From @dcexaminer
"If you're not toeing the line, so to speak, you're ostracized and can get suspended. It can happen to anyone." T…
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From @tsias
@dcexaminer @hunter_penn_h @MSDNCNews It's a shame a left wing outlet won't pick up the story. People will rightly…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tsias: why should anyone care re @dcexaminer whine about a parody acct getting suspended? Cons are exclusionary, solipsistic, hostile, small in number, [etc etc etc]... By not caring about those others Twitter censors, you hurt yourselves.
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From @hunter_penn_h
Today my obvious parody account with 30,000 followers got suspended without explanation. So did at least 3 other pr…
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From @mdunjic
@hunter_penn_h #FreeMSDNC !
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mdunjic: have you spoken out in support of all the millions Twitter censors around the world (see my pinned tweet)? By not caring for *all* those censored you make it easy for Twitter to censor @hunter_penn_h.