Rightwing wants to stoop to MMFA, CAP level (opposition research, SHOCK!, hypocrisy...)

Kenneth Vogel of the Politico reports (link) that conservatives are trying to offer their own alternatives to opposition research groups like Media Matters for America and the Center for American Progress. They certainly might have some short-lived success with it, especially due to Fox News no doubt retailing their reports.

However, along the way they'll also negatively impact U.S. society almost as much as CAP, MMFA, and similar groups have. Thankfully, they won't be able to do as much damage to the U.S. as liberal "oppo" groups have done. There are two main reasons for that: the great majority of conservative leaders (very broadly defined to include major bloggers) simply don't have the intellectual and emotional abilities that their opposite numbers have. Those few among them who are competent are mostly more adept at cashing checks than other things.

So, expect more corrosive entertainment in the days ahead, as the rightwing dives even further into the tea parties/Gateway Pundit/James OKeefe-style abyss: SHOCKING hypocrisy this, SHOCKING (out-of-context) quote that. Along the way, none of them will even try to present a valid, logical counter-argument to their opponents' arguments. Instead, we'll get things like "Pay and Travel of Elizabeth Warren" [1].

Compare the preview of what they'll be doing as offered at the Politico link to the topics covered here and how I do things. While not every post is solid gold, my goal is to honestly understand an opponent's argument, and then show supporters of that opponent how it's wrong. And, unlike rightwing leaders as defined above, I don't need or want an echo chamber. Unlike those rightwing leaders (as defined above), I'm more than willing to debate anyone and show how they're wrong. Those rightwing leaders don't have the capacity to do that and run from it at every chance (for just a few examples, see deleted comments).

See also my extensive coverage of ThinkProgress, Center for American Progress, American Civil Liberties Union, National Council of La Raza, League of United Latin American Citizens, MALDEF, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters for America, Frank Sharry, Andrea Nill, National Immigration Forum, and on and on (and on). Those pages - and thousands of others - are on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum of the aforementioned, broadly-defined rightwingers. That's despite how linking to those pages would greatly help them. They simply don't have the mental and emotional capacity or the integrity to help me and thereby help themselves. Thankfully, that also means that they won't be able to do as much damage to society as leftwing "oppo" researchers have done.

[1] wikicountability.org/index.php?title=