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Al Wayward
Your average homeowner, tax payer... a Republican. b/c of DJT voted BLUE ‘18 & will do so in 2020.
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From @dabeard
The agency that monitors federal elections is effectively shutting down, at a time when free elections are under in…
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From @Wayward888
@dabeard @publicintegrity So this is what he’s been up to. @SpeakerPelosi , @HouseDemocrats , @SenateDems do someth…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Obviously, what you/Beard/Pelosi/etc have been doing doesn't work. When you understand that rather than enabling failures, Trump might be in trouble. MT @Wayward888 [to @dabeard] So [kneecapping FEC] is what [Trump's] been up to. Pelosi, HouseDemocrats, SenateDems do something!