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Kolleen bright
Reader. photographer. paying attention to politics. very interested in healthcare. women’s rights. animal lover. ☮️
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From @ericuman
A 16-yr-old boy died in Border Patrol custody. He had the flu They didn't take him to the hospital They didn't rel…
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From @bright_kolleen
@ericuman @ezraklein @SpeakerPelosi Another article of impeachment for trump. Should have been the first one.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bright_kolleen: you know how Trump plays his base? @ericuman is playing you. BP case is tragic, but Eric Umansky really doesn't care. He cares about is Big Biz funding, and Big Biz loves loose borders so they can lower wages. The case is tragic, but you're being played.