Rep. Jared Polis: 287g caused "sweep of terror", smears Joe Arpaio (still earning his award from Mexico)

Speaking on the House floor yesterday, Colorado Rep. Jared Polis sharply criticized the 287g program and smeared Sheriff Joe Arpaio. While reading his remarks ( it's worth recalling that back in 2006 he received an award from the Mexican government due to his strong support for illegal immigration as a state official. Now he's able to take it to the national level, saying things like:

We’ve seen Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona despicably racially profile and round up Latinos in front of TV cameras as he has enforced his 287(g) power. We’ve watched in horror as he and others - a disgrace to the uniforms that they wear - have detained people based solely upon the color of their skin.

Actually, that hasn't happened. Arpaio is accused by the American Civil Liberties Union (currently directly collaborating with the Mexican government) and others of racial profiling, and the Department of Justice is investigating him, but he hasn't been convicted of it... except by Polis. In fact, in the next paragraph Polis admits as much:

Arpaio is now thankfully under investigation for civil rights violations for his discriminatory, unconstitutional searches and seizures. Nevertheless, I’m sad to announce that last Friday afternoon ICE announced 287(g) agreements with sixty-seven state and local law enforcement agencies across the country.

287(g) scares victims and witnesses of crimes to avoid contacting police for fear of being mistreated. 287(g) invites exploitation by those who know that they won’t be reported to police, because it combines the contradictory duties into the same police force.

What is the result? A sweep of terror that has frightened legal and undocumented immigrants into hiding, undermining both law enforcement efforts across our country. 287(g) programs undermine the spirit and text of the U.S. Constitution, and I encourage Congress to repeal 287 (g).

If anyone wants to do something, go to one of Polis' events and ask him about the award he got. Try to tease out of him why they gave it to him. I can suggest some starting points that might elicit that type of reaction; if anyone is actually willing to do something in that regards leave a comment.


The homeland security bill...(Hah "security" that's a joke)....proves they have no intention of securing the borders or stopping illegal immigration. They know Americans don't want it so they are allowing a stealth immigration to destroy this country.......These bastards are as evil as evil can be!'s worth recalling..._ It\'s also worth noting: [1] _Polis received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Princeton University after attending the La Jolla Country Day School in San Diego, California,..._ La Jolla, Princeton, etc. How much actual real experience with the day-to-day reality (I could throw in another link here, but I'm too fucking lazy right now) of mass Hispanic immigration has this guy actually had? And btw, he\'s a Jew. [2] As a group they are notoriously bad on immigration (google it yourself). Lastly, to a certain other commenter: he's also gay. But I'm not yet ready to call him a faggot.

[1] en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Jared_Polis

Mary is right its all a joke, within 5 years obama will become president for life and if you think that is a joke just open your eyes. We must start thinking of away to free some part of this dead nation and make it into a land of freedom and arm our kids with facts and guns to someday free our Nation from the evil grasp of our enemies.

'contradictory duties' How?

If the Republicans cannot put someone up to defeat this guy ON THIS SPEECH ALONE, then they are one sad example of a political party.

Yes us Republicans are floundering and have hardly anyone to call conservative. The party (as everyone knows) is full of rino's. I completely blame bush for allowing the current situation of open borders and the out sourcing of American jobs and our overspending. It all set up the Obama joke, and if they can't find a true conservative then they won't get my vote either.

Whats with the people of Colorado, have they all been replaced by Mexicans?

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