Poll: 86% support immigration "reform" (as described). I.e., MSM lies are working, opponents need to work smarter (Kos, Frank Sharry)

Over at the DailyKos, Kos informs us [1] that Frank Sharry's "America's Voice" commissioned Benenson Strategy Group to conduct a poll about comprehensive immigration reform. According to them, 86% of respondents support "reform". The fact that their description of that "reform" is highly misleading doesn't make that number any less surprising. While I tend to suspect that there might be something they aren't telling us to achieve such a high number - such as some form of selection bias or similar - it's still worrisome.

Here's the question:

One version of immigration reform that people have discussed would take a comprehensive approach. It would secure the border, crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants, and require illegal immigrants to register for legal immigration status, pay back taxes, and learn English in order to be eligible for U.S. citizenship. Would you … Congress passing this proposal?

In brief, that's a bill of goods. Those who support CIR have heretofore shown no interest in securing the border or enforcement against employers. For an example, see the Postville incident; the far-left is still whining about that raid despite the fact that the employer was charged with 9000 child labor law violations. And, compare that paragraph with the recent proposal from the Reform Immigration for America group. Whoever wrote the question is even misleading about relatively minor matters: amnesties that were proposed a couple years ago only required people to study English, not actually "learn" it. That same distinction was made in the RIFA proposal linked above. Note also the use of "require"; see amnesty require.

And, their question doesn't acknowledge any of the massive downsides; see the first reform link above.

As with many other polls, they prove that the MSM and various groups have been quite effective at misleading about this issue. And, as with the others, they prove that opponents of "reform" need to work smarter and start using leverage.

See [1] for the poll PDF including other questions with their own issues. And, Kos posted on this a second time; see [2]. Both those show, once again, that he has no clue about this issue. Discussing all the many other ways he's wrong is left as an exercise, but consider this:

The GOP hopefuls spent multiple debates one-upping their anti-immigrant rhetoric, to the point that John McCain was forced to concede that he'd vote against his very own immigration reform bill. Now ... poof! First, Republicans lose big, getting zero electoral traction from the immigrant bashing. Then, polling shows people eager for reform.

That proves absolutely nothing, since the GOP is too corrupt and too stupid to discuss this issue in a fully truthful fashion. If they did, they could completely destroy the credibility of hacks like Kos and the leaders of the Democratic Party.

[1] dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/6/3/738267/

[2] dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/6/3/738383/


Ok so its 86 percent support political race immigration the 86 percent are from place's like mexico and most are political race hate people I.E. drug dealers. so what new? Reform only means one thing to La Raza and that is get out of our lands white pigs. the only way out is to take what you can and fight like mad dogs to keep some part of this country from the boy lovers( most males inside the USA fed/state and local gov. ) and drug dealers of the third world. you can't discredit evil people with words and ideals and we have only evil male bitchs in all parts of this country inside government.

Another flawed push poll. Expect more of these, that never offer the choice between enforcement of laws or legalization -- as they know enforcement wins easily. Look at Rasmussen.

Again I ask, since when do we allow our country tobe run by Polling? What is the US ...another American Idol?

Every morning after I eat my bran, I take a dailykos.