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Colts K Adam Vinatieri, the NFL's all-time leading scorer and a four-time Super Bowl Champion, turns 47 today. When…
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@FieldYates @AdamSchefter He’s a kicker
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@P_Klaz @FieldYates @AdamSchefter My thoughts exactly. I don’t despise kickers, but they don’t play real football h…
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.@truthyjason: "real football" is soccer. @FieldYates covers the NFL/NCAA game known as "kneeball". Kneeball is pathetic, with big baby players who need their every move to be scripted, who can't play both offense & defense, & many of whom aren't exactly athletes. #CFBPlayoff
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From @FieldYates
Former Bills QB Nathan Peterman worked out for the Lions, per source. His first workout since becoming a free agent.
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.@FieldYates: I still can't believe the founders of football got persecuted and convicted a century ago. Nowadays gently sliding your hands between the thighs of a bent-over lineman is considered all-American!