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Albert Mokhiber
Washington, DC
Family man. Business consultant. Connector. Immigration and international lawyer. Civil and human rights advocate. Niagara Falls native. Bills backer. 🥁🇱🇧
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From @albertmokhiber
In my 35 years of practicing immigration law, the successful case of Ismail Ajjawi is one of the most rewarding.
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From @toddamcknight
@albertmokhiber @OmarBaddar Thank you for your honorable, much-needed work!! So glad to hear that your effor…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@toddamcknight: immigration lawyers like @albertmokhiber are much, much worse than even PI lawyers. Trump's horrific & his Muslim ban is beyond doltish, but those like Mokhiber make a living by harming the U.S. Here's another set of imm lawyers: