Occupy DC helps the Koch brothers, shows what democracy actually looks like: a mob

The Washington DC branch of Occupy Wall Street appears to be the dimmest and least emotionally-controlled of their various chapters. And, that's really saying something.

For examples, see the videos below. In the first, they block a woman in a wheelchair from leaving a building. In the second, they use little kids as human shields.

Both were shot at Friday's "Defending the American Dream" summit, held by the Koch brothers-linked Americans for Prosperity and featuring a constellation of libertarian-leaning All-Stars [1]. Instead of keeping their emotions in control, engaging their brains, and making valid, logical arguments against those All-Stars, OccupyDC acted like a thuggish mob. At the end they chant "This is what democracy looks like", and indeed it is - at least in the ochlocracy sense.

The first video's goal is to present a stark contrast between the lady in the wheelchair who does understand fundamental U.S. concepts and the mob outside who don't, and it succeeds rather well.

So, why is OccupyDC helping AFP supporters create videos that make the Occupy movement look bad? Why are the protesters making themselves look bad while making AFP look good? Isn't that the opposite of what they (supposedly) want?

Instead of helping those in the Koch family sphere make them look bad, here's what the apparently few smart and in-control Occupiers should do:

1. Separate the Koch family from the Tea Parties base. That actually isn't that difficult; see the first link. Many teapartiers might not be willing to follow those linked to the Kochs once they learn that David Koch joined with George Soros to fund the American Civil Liberties Union or that the Kochs fund loose borders advocates like Reason Magazine.

2. Discredit or help discredit hacks in the Koch sphere. For tangible examples, see the post about Ben Powell and the Shikha Dalmia posts. The reason I posted those is explained in the post about discrediting intermediaries. Instead of acting like a mob, Occupy DC could write posts like those or at least link to my posts, challenge supporters of those ideas on Twitter and other networks, and so on.

For more, see the earlier Occupy Wall Street tips.

Occupy DC should get on the Koch brothers gravy train, for all the ways they help them.

[1] Those present at the summit included (see the links for past coverage, and note that a few of the following support policies that are very easy to discredit):
Mark Levin
Grover Norquist
Herman Cain
Mitt Romney
Andrew Napolitano of Fox News
Rudy Giuliani
Jonah Goldberg
Dinesh DSouza
Andrew Breitbart
Carly Fiorina
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Rep. Marsha Blackburn
Rep. Andy Harris
Rep. Mike Pompeo
John Fund of the American Spectator
Roger Hedgecock
Ann McElhinney, James OKeefe, and Bob Bowdon (film makers)
Tim Phillips and Phil Kerpen of AFP
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli