Mitch Daniels' incredibly ironic CPAC speech (no immigration, but invasion)

Current Indiana governor Mitch Daniels spoke at CPAC earlier today and gave a speech that's received rave reviews from such fellow worthies as Mary Katharine Ham of the Daily Caller (full text here). The speech concentrated on (no big surprise) spending rather than issues that are actually more important and more fundamental such as immigration. The speech didn't mention immigration at all. But it did include this incredibly ironic bit:

If a foreign power advanced an army to the border of our land, everyone in this room would drop everything and look for a way to help.

Yes, but which side would they be on, or would that depend on who made the better offer?

For years, Mexico has been advancing what amounts to a very soft invasion of the U.S., sending us their unwanted population in order to receive money in return. It's not an actual invasion and illegal aliens aren't foreign soldiers. However, millions of illegal aliens live in the U.S. against the wishes of the great majority of Americans. And, some regions do in fact resemble war zones, with foreign criminals in effect holding U.S. territory. At least Arizona is fed up and is fighting back.

And, that very soft invasion is aided by those who are various degrees of quislings, whether the active variety such as George W Bush or those who simply would ignore the issue and concentrate on other, less important topics like spending.

UPDATE: Earlier I referred to Daniels as Indiana's former governor. In fact, he's still governor of that fine state.