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Colonial Oppressor Barbie
Frozen borderland of the north
GOP delenda est. Burn it down & salt the earth.
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From @HeerJeet
One of the bedrock rules of Trumpworld is don't ever take sides against the Family -- ever. It's strange how often…
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From @joshtpm
@HeerJeet Unless it’s Tiffany.
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From @HeerJeet
@joshtpm Doesn't really count as family.
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From @joshtpm
@HeerJeet The dynasty runs through the Ivana bloodline? Sad for Barron.
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From @ljohn44
@joshtpm @HeerJeet Maybe Melania is an Agrippina Minor in the making & will bump off the other heirs to secure her son's future...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ljohn44: how's @HeerJeet doing at undercutting Trump? He has a bit of a megaphone, but has he ever actually scored against Trump? It'd be incredibly easy for him to do that: speak directly to MAGA about how the "wall" would fail. So, why can't he figure that out or do it?