With millions unemployed, Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for more foreign workers (construction, farmworkers, academic)

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Millions of Americans are unemployed, including large numbers of construction workers. So, what does Arnold Schwarzenegger - one of the most corrupt governors in the country - do? He goes on the Greta van Susteren show on Fox News on February 23 (link) and says this:

...I've said this many times, that we need (comprehensive immigration reform)... ...because to solve this problem -- well, we've got to go and make a decision so that people can come to this country legitimately, rather than having quotas there, so that -- because we need the farm workers. We need the construction workers. We need to have people do certain jobs that maybe that we cannot fill otherwise.

The last is a variant of the jobs Americans wont do canard. He also supported skilled immigration, advocating to give visas to foreigners attending U.S. colleges after they've finished their studies.

If you'd like to do something about this, make sure that as many construction workers as possible know how little concern Schwarzenegger has for them, and suggest they contact his office with their brief, polite thoughts: gov.ca.gov/interact

UPDATE: I sent twitter . com/24AheadDotCom/status/9911608546 to him (or whichever intern handles his Twitter account):

@Schwarzenegger: Millions of Americans are unemployed & you want more foreign workers? Please take advantage of your Austrian citizenship.

That references something that probably few know: he has dual U.S.-Austrian citizenship. The issue of his corruption is due to divided loyalties between American citizens and the "global elite", so to speak. Very little or none is due to divided loyalties between the U.S. and Austria. However, because he's an Austrian citizen and that gives him an out: if things get really bad in the U.S. he has another country he can move to. It'd be nice if he decided to do that now.

8/26/14 UPDATE: My current handle is @24AheadDotCom_ . The links above aren't valid anymore.