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Jen Bluestein
Alexandria, VA
Managing Dir., @NARAL. Fighter for women’s freedom. I believe in education & gun violence prevention. Before: TFA, EMILYs List, Giffords, Gates. Campaigns/🍩s.
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From @TheRealJenBlue
Either my baby’s “school pic” or a photo of a guy who plays Ben Affleck’s sidekick in a movie about Boston and says…
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From @caitleg
@TheRealJenBlue He looks wicked smaht
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From @jenhauseman
@caitleg @TheRealJenBlue Oh my god the sweater. How do I like them apples? So. very. much.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jenhauseman: so, you & @TheRealJenBlue spend donor money talking about sweaters & art historians analyzing pics of Trump & Pelosi. On the plus side, Trump's reelection will keep you grifting for another four years. #NARAL #ICRC