Mexico-linked ICIRR claims citizenship, registration drive cost Waukegan mayor his job (maybe not)

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights - whose president sits on an advisory board to the Mexican government - is trying to claim ( that a citizenship and voter registration drive that was conducted in Waukegan, Illinois was the decisive factor in that city's mayor recently being voted out of office. That city is part of the 287g program, and they try to claim that objections to that were partly responsible:

Today the Latino voters turned out in force and turned Mayor Hyde out of office in a shocking upset. In the 9 precincts with the highest density of Latino voters voted for Sabonjian by a margin of 55% to Hyde’s 42%.

Neither this nor this mention the 287g program but only go into local issues, so the ICIRR is probably not being fully honest (imagine that). The previous mayor was a Democrat and the new mayor is a Dem who ran as an independent; the latter's position on this issue isn't known. But, the fact that a Mexico-linked group would conduct voting drives in the U.S. might be worrisome to the more patriotic politicians.