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I'm not as dumb as I am
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From @jennay_29
Is there anything worse than hearing your own voice on a video?
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From @eddie_mouradian
@jennay_29 Hearing your own voice on video as you slip in the shower strangling yourself on your shower head cord. Duh.
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From @jennay_29
@eddie_mouradian Yup, that’s way worse.
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From @CSulfaro27
@jennay_29 @eddie_mouradian This got dark
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From @eddie_mouradian
@CSulfaro27 @jennay_29 Just the realities of getting older, bruh.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@eddie_mouradian: hey Eddie, @CSulfaro27 & other Twitter employees lie to millions of people via ghosting. I refuse to lie to even one person, Chris lies to millions. But, I guess it's OK to you as long as you're on his right side, right?