Melissa Bean's "thug" vs. teaparty libertarian idiot at public meeting

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Gateway Pundit offers "It Begins… Dem Congresswoman Brings In Street Thug at Town Hall Meeting to Threaten Constituents (Video)" (link). The Congresswoman in question is Melissa Bean (D-Illinois) and the titular video is at

Call me gullible but, even adjusting for the fact that Gateway Pundit tends to get things wrong I was expecting to see some actual thuggery. Instead:

1. While I can imagine how he might be intimidating to some, I don't see much thuggishness on the vid, just someone who's probably an off-duty cop (or less) trying to keep order.

2. As in other low-wattage videos featuring those in the tea parties / libertarians orbit, the teapartier/libertarian idiot spends more time asking about asking a question than... actually asking a question.

3. As in other videos by these same types of people, the idiot ends up asking things that are open-ended or are statements not questions. See the bad questions page for other examples. If you're going to ask a politician a question, make sure it's an actual question, it's factual, and it's not open-ended.

If the teapartiers/libertarians actually wanted to do something (besides playing to their limited crowd), they'd find one or two smart, sane, civil, mainstream people - preferably trial lawyers - to ask politicians questions. See the question authority page for an action plan.

Instead, the loudest people self-select themselves to ask questions, and in almost all cases those people also have various issues that prevent them from being effective. The problem, of course, is that the teapartiers have the same issues, including an almost complete inability to accept criticism and learn from their mistakes.

The teapartiers end up helping or at least not having much of an impact on their adversaries. And, they don't have the capability to understand what they're doing and how they should change.