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From @Fahrenthold
BREAKING: At @realdonaldtrump's golf course in Westchester, NY, undocumented workers say Trump Org. managers exploi…
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From @Howodd69
@Fahrenthold @MaddowBlog @realDonaldTrump The two faces of Trump. He creates misery at the Southern border, while s…
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From @Sharbruin
@Howodd69 @Fahrenthold @MaddowBlog @realDonaldTrump And the deplorable base does not see through him
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From @sandboxpete
@Fahrenthold @realDonaldTrump So Trump's golf course is a sanctuary resort and a slave camp at the same time.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Sharbruin: WaPo has enabled illegal #immigration - & thus worker abuse - for decades. They're playing ppl like you, using your dislike of Trump to enable even more illegal immigration. (And, no, legalization isn't the answer: it'd just lead to more illegal immigration).
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sandboxpete: hey Pete, it's slightly surprising that *zero* supposed libs are capable of looking beneath the surface & figuring out why @Fahrenthold is going after Trump on employing illegal aliens. Can you figure out the barely-hidden agenda of those like Fahrenthold?