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THREAD: Why should we be concerned that there may have been a communication between Trump and a foreign leader that…
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From @Electric_Eyeee
@AshaRangappa_ This is, perhaps, the one thing that has never happened in the 243 year history of this country. Thi…
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From @Electric_Eyeee
@AshaRangappa_ *blowingly
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From @RolyTonks
@Electric_Eyeee @AshaRangappa_ "mind-glowingly" seems appropriate here.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RolyTonks: FYI, @AshaRangappa_ used someone who was pretending to be an anti-Trump spy as a source. He was actually a pro-Trump non-spy either playing a game or trying to ensnare the unwary. Let's say she'd done that *in the field as an FBI agent*. Would she keep her job?