Luis Gutierrez will push Obama to pass immigration "reform", calls for end to immigration raids (Joe Baca)

From this:
Flanked by hundreds of immigrants and their family members, an Illinois congressman called for a halt Thursday to immigration raids and vowed to push for a comprehensive overhaul that President-elect Barack Obama can sign into law.

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Chicago, the House sponsor of a 2007 bill that failed, told a crowd of more than 200 on Capitol Hill that he would work to ensure that Mr. Obama follows through on his campaign promise to sign an immigration overhaul in the first year of his presidency.
Presumably many or most of those "immigrants" were actually illegal aliens. It's not clear whether he was also present, but:
Rep. Joe Baca, D-Calif., chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said he hopes to meet with the president-elect before the new session of Congress to discuss a comprehensive reform and urge Mr. Obama to stop workforce raids through an executive order.

Mr. Baca said a moratorium would make illegal immigrants more likely to "come out of the shadows" and be active community participants because it would reduce the fear of deportation. Immigration officials and supporters of the current strategy say it has helped reduce illegal immigration and held employers accountable.


"Mr. Baca said a moratorium would make illegal immigrants more likely to "come out of the shadows" and be active community participants" Oh, joy. Now if only it weren't for those dang pesky immigration laws. /s Helloo...They are illegal. They don't belong in the shadows, in the light, or anywhere else this side of the border. They don't belong anywhere in the community at all, and definitely DO NOT belong in the role of 'active community participants'. They are eligible for one thing alone. A free ride home. Under their own power preferably, but in handcuffs if they prefer that option. No amnesty. Not ever again.

How long will Americans let their families starve before they shoot, cremate and send them home in a match box? I predict it won't be long.

These hispanic congressmen make my blood boil......Can they be more obvious about wanting to overhwhelm this country with their own nationality. Ted Kennedy should be made to live in Juarez Mexico for what he does to this country!

who voted gutierrea in, he should be supporting american people not mojados that dont have any right to be in this country. there are 20 million illegal aliens and most of them are on food stamps, welfare, medicaid, wic, and we are educating all their illegal children with free school when in mexico they have to pay, if obama passes reform thats the end of his career. we dont need to legalize 20 illegal uneducated and poor illegals who as soon as they set foot on american soil they drop a kid. we need to put an end to automatic citizenship! the government should built the wall and continue to deport!