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Loving husband,father of 3 boys. AYSO United soccer coach (08B & 04B). USSF D. backyard gardener.Bread Baker.eSports fan.D&D DM. #crypto
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Working to widen the funnel. A new program to expand and improve our player pool launches this week. We will host…
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From @MrTimeAttack
@ussoccer_ynt Widen the funnel huh..... 15 of the 20 players from the LA squad are from either LAFC or Galaxy.....…
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.@MrTimeAttack: the bigger issue is @ussoccer_ynt sell out to Murdoch or worse, marginalizing the sport. They & MLS need to demand ESPN or network, even if they have to take a hit. And they need to urge ESPN to show foreign soccer.