Disingenuous Lou Dobbs now wants amnesty, guest workers, chain migration ("comprehensive immigration reform")

Appearing on last night's Bill OReilly show on Fox News, Lou Dobbs made it clear that he does support amnesty, euphemistically called comprehensive immigration reform. Not only that, but he supports guest workers and chain migration. The only question he has is how many would be legalized and how many family members those legalized would be able to bring to the U.S. Since he referenced legalizing 9 million people (3 times 3 million on the video), he wants to legalize the great majority of illegal aliens in the U.S. On those topics, he's even worse than O'Reilly. Partial transcript below, video attached and at peekURL.com/vxcpalc (UPDATE: a longer video is at peekURL.com/v2q76xe ).

Dobbs' earlier statements were somewhat ambiguous, but now it's clear, and the question becomes whether this is something he thought of on his own or whether others changed his mind, such as with the promise of supporting a possible run for office. For those of a conspiratorial nature, this might also be due to threats or the incident where a shot was fired at his house.

And, this is an incredibly bad position to take considering that millions of Americans are out of work and amnesty will probably not be successful (although it can't be ruled out). If he was going to come out in support of the corrupt establishment, why not stay at CNN? Does he want back in to the corrupt establishment's good graces?

If he does run for office I probably won't be supporting him, but at the same time his critics continue to be even worse. So, one has to be careful to not help them when discussing him.

UPDATE: This from John Richardson of Esquire apparently has recent quotes from Dobbs, including:

I had no idea of the greater class structure that existed at the time in the urban northeastern United States. That is another one of the blessings I believe I had growing up a poor kid out west.

There aren't twenty million illegal immigrants because of a choice made by the voting electorate of the country. There are twenty million illegal immigrants in this country because a good part of the establishment made a decision to exploit labor.

Every trade agreement that has been written is devastating to the interests of working people. This is not protectionism. This is simple decency and common sense. If that is no longer part of the impulse and the imperative of the elites of this country, what the hell are we becoming? [Note: this site agrees]

Corporate America has a responsibility to its stakeholders, and those stakeholders include the nation that makes it possible. [Note: ditto]

I happen to believe that affirmative action over the course of the past forty years has been an entirely appropriate response, not because of race but because of economics. If that's the only way to get to it, then God bless - let's get to it. [Note: is he high?]

It's all about the cost of labor, isn't it?

The people who said they didn't want government involved in their markets and industries, they were the first people to scream like children when confronted with the economic crisis. [Note: this site strongly agrees; the tea parties are useful idiots for those screaming.]

I'm actually pro-immigrant. There's not a restrictionist bone in my body. [Note: obviously, this site strongly disagrees]

I ask a question, and I am attacked from the extreme Left as a quote-unquote birther. I mean, what the hell is that? When you can create a controversy by asking what seems to me still a perfectly commonsense question? It has been used in the extreme Left to create a toxicity that is just unbelievable. [note: for the facts, see our extensive coverage of the Obama certificate issue]

The partial transcript from ThinkProgress follows; initially I thought they had omitted exculpatory details but as it turns out what they omitted was just as bad as the rest:

DOBBS: I think the essence of the legislation of 2007 is right: pay a fine, learn English, commit to assimilation in the United States, and begin a path to citizenship…there should also be another guest worker program. [...]

O’REILLY: You sound very moderate. As you said, “I’m the tougher guy here.” Why do you think Hispanics come after you so hard?

DOBBS: I think in part — one thing is my own stupidity. I put forward a statement: rational, effective, humane policy…the emphasis became in the debate of my combative nature the issue of border security first and foremost, versus reforming immigration policy. I’m saying the same thing, but I’m keeping it absolutely combined.

O’REILLY: So you’re a kinder, gentler Lou Dobbs.

DOBBS: I’m a wiser Lou Dobbs.


Yeah, I saw this too. What a complete sellout. He sounds just like the double-talking open border loons he used to criticize.

He has zero chance of winning a meaningful election now. He may have had a decent chance before, i.e. if he'd reaffirmed a hard line against illegals (and come out for reduced legal immigration). At least the campaign would have been interesting. But now who cares?

Dobbs Is a pig put him on the list after we take back this nation if you know what i mean?

BY The way didn't i say long ago that Dobbs would SOMEDAY DO JUST THIS ACT OF A BITCH Remember his wife is mexican his kids are mexicans and love La Raza. Lou just wants to F His wife and maybe his kids too?