Los Angeles Times misleads about Alabama immigration law

The Los Angeles Times offers the misleading editorial "Alabama targets immigrant students" [1], which contains at least three (and probably many more) highly misleading statements:

1. The Alabama law isn't designed to go after "immigrants" as the editorial's title says. It's only concerned with illegal aliens.

2. The first paragraph of the editorial refers to the law as the "harshest anti-immigration legislation in the nation". As with the preceding, the law isn't concerned with "immigration", i.e., the legal variety. It's only concerned with the illegal variety.

3. Among other things [2], the editorial makes the highly misleading claim that the law "makes it a crime to give a ride to an illegal immigrant". Compare what the Los Angeles Times tells you to the link, and you'll see that the LAT is trying to mislead.

Discussing the no doubt many other ways the editorial misleads is left as an exercise; feel free to leave a comment.

[1] latimes.com/news/opinion/opinionla/la-ed-alabama-20110617,0,1874123.story

[2] The full paragraph:

The new law requires police to check the immigration status of those they stop, bars undocumented immigrants from receiving public benefits or even enrolling in state colleges, and makes it a crime to give a ride to an illegal immigrant. At least four other states have adopted similar measures. But Alabama's law goes a step further. It requires public schools to determine the immigration status of their students and report the number of those who are here illegally to state officials.