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Juan M. Planas
Summa Cum Laude en Sociología - UCV. Investigador del Observatorio de Ecología Política de Venezuela (OEP). Ácrata.
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From @AKurmanaev
When I got to Venezuela in 2013 it reminded me of dying USSR: massive shortages, black markets, hoarding. Now it fe…
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From @juanplanasr
@AKurmanaev It's hard to compare the Venezuelan collapse to anything that isn't born straight out of science fiction.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@juanplanasr: @AKurmanaev is paid to push NeoLiberal/vulture capitalist policies. The #NYTimes (and Trump, who's largely controlled by the Koch bros) would do to Venezuela via mass skilled immigration (and thus braindrain) what Maduro has done via policy.