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Ronald Klain
Washington, DC
Gen Counsel, Revolution LLC. Former Ebola Czar. Ex-Obama/Biden + Clinton/Gore WH. Married to @monicamedinadc; Dad of 3 adults. Tweets are my personal views.
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Very excited to work with you, @markrucci!
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.@maryGrove: @RonaldKlain (who failed to stop Trump) now blogs "The anti-anti-Trump cohort has a fatal flaw in its thinking", enabling #TheResistance like he enabled HRC. See this. Note the intended audience & intended goal. Has Ron done similar?
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.@RonaldKlain: per Breitbart, on MSNBC you cheered #TheResistance having "stopped" Trump Wall. The Wall's idiotic, but as a proxy for enabling illegal #immigration why would liberals help profiteers like WalMart, #Koch bros, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, MX govt elites, The Fed, etc.?
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Certainly. RT @RonaldKlain: Trump will offer the Dems a DACA extension if they fund the Wall. RT if you agree that Dems should say no