Live coverage Obama press conference April 29, 2009

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Asked very weak question by Jennifer Loven of the Associated Press whether he will close the border with Mexico in regards to the swine flu. He's giving a two minute answer that boils down to what anyone should have expected he would say: no. She also asked whether he'll be ordering quarantines and he didn't answer that. Now he's engaging in what he refers to as "trivial" advice to wash your hands and so on. Thank you, Matron.

Since Loven could have foreseen he'd answer in that way, it was just a setup. What she should have asked was a question based on the things they've already said and done (and failed to do).

After a series of foreign policy questions, time for another setup from an unknown reporter asking him to list the things he's been most surprised, troubled, enchanted, etc. about. What a waste of time.

Now being asked about comprehensive immigration reform. He's going to give his stock speech...

Bingo! Apparently Obama read what I just wrote, because he just said he's going to say what he said in Orange County. He was also asked whether he'd be interested in working with John McCain on the issue; the obvious answer followed.

Name checks Nydia Velazquez and Luis Gutierrez, says Janet Napolitano is trying to figure out how we can secure the borders. Taking administrative steps to "reform" is something Napolitano has already mentioned. He says he sees the "process moving this year".

Now being asked about the black unemployment rate, right after being asked about a massive amnesty. The obvious question about the latter making the former worse will, of course, never be asked of him. The obvious idea of enforcing our immigration laws in order to free up jobs for those currently unemployed is something they'll never ask.

UPDATE: The transcript is at nytimes . com/2009/04/29/us/politics/29text-obama.html. The person who asked the "enchanted" question is Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times. The immigration "reform" questioner was Lori Montenegro of Telemundo. The black unemployment question was from Andre Showell of BET TV.