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Roy 'ITMFA' Pardee
Poulsbo, WA
Visionary. Patriot. Data wrangler/aspiring Data Scientist. Newfoundland dog enthusiast. Antifascist. He/him.
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From @drvox
All right, before I wade in to do some, ahem, feed maintenance (ie, blocking a bunch of mofos), a question: is ther…
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From @drvox
Two things Twitter needs: 1) the ability to block lists of people, all at once, and 2) a new rule that someone you'…
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From @drvox
Ah, important clarification!
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From @drvox
Another thing Twitter needs: the ability to auto-block people based on various criteria. Like wouldn't it be nice t…
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From @drvox
OK, apparently it is possible to import a list of accounts and block them all at once. But where does one find such…
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From @drvox
Hm, @NaziBlocker doesn't seem to be working because @blocktogether doesn't seem to be working. Is it defunct?
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From @drvox
OK, I just used this service to block *54,000* people -- i.e., 18 separate lists of 3,000. Highly recommended! Tha…
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From @dkegel
@drvox @rpardee Looks like some wheat got caught along with the chaff, e.g.
Joe LaRusso 🔌 🕳🐇's avatar
From @jglarusso
@dkegel @drvox @rpardee Me too. It seems I’ve also been blocked by @drvox. Inexplicable.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
In this Jan tweet, @jglarusso discovers there's a downside to the censorship he strongly supports: #Boston #CityOfBoston