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Writer, researcher, activist, javanut, maker, foodie. Mom to humans & doxies. Steelers, Blues and Cardinals fan. Retweets≠Endorsement
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From @michelleinbklyn
I wish this had come out two hours ago, before I finished my column. But it looks like the message that impeachment…
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From @kilgoret95
@michelleinbklyn @joanwalsh I wish we’d stop the crystal ball stuff and commit to doing the right thing.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@kilgoret95: since 2015 I've pointed out the huge flaws in Trump's signature issues. If @michelleinbklyn had done the same, Trump wouldn't have been elected. Now, she pushes the Trump-helping impeachment & a pointless march. If your doctor recommends leeches, what do you do?