Kasie Hunt lies about Obama certificate issue

For an example of why you can't trust the reporting of Kasie Hunt or of the Politico in general, consider the article "Candidate trips on birther issue" [1]. The article is designed to enforce rightthinking about the Obama citizenship issue and in it Hunt makes this false statement:

Obama has been dogged by questions about his citizenship despite producing a birth certificate that proves he was born in Hawaii.

1. The picture she's referring to is of a Certification of Live Birth (i.e., a short-form COLB), which isn't the same as a long-form Certificate. While Hawaii has changed the names recently in an apparent attempt to cover for Obama, at the time and in the recent past, a Certification and a Certificate are not the same thing. It says right at the top what it is.

2. Obama hasn't "produc[ed]" anything beyond a picture on a webpage. A picture of an item and the item itself are sometimes not the same thing. The picture in question has not been verified by the issuing agency or anyone else.

3. The certification or the other forms of evidence provided are not definitive proof. They support Obama's claims, and there's no credible evidence that he was born elsewhere, but all of that isn't proof. It is proof to those who are not impartial observers and who are willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. It's also proof to the Beltway and various low-level hacks; they think that them simply declaring something to be proven makes it so.

4. As I have to state when covering this issue, the above isn't claiming that we know that Obama was or wasn't born in Hawaii, simply that he hasn't proven his case despite those like Kasie Hunt pretending he has. For a longer discussion, here's why this issue is vitally important.

[1] politico.com/news/stories/0910/42677.html
Kasie Hunt and the Politico are trying to discourage "anti-social" (as it's termed in other countries) behavior by congressional candidate Tim Walberg of Michigan who said of whether Obama was born in the U.S. and whether he's a Muslim: "You know, I don't know. I really don't know. We don't have enough information about this president. He was never given a job interview that was complete," Walberg answered. "But that's not the issue now. He is president. Right now we need to make sure that he doesn't remain as president, whether he's an American, a Muslim, a Christian, you name it." He later issued a statement saying, "I take President Obama at his word that he is a Christian and was born here in America... Now, it's time that we focus on the real issues facing this country."