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Mike Smith
Happiest man on earth.
Husband, father, grandfather, scientist, entrepreneur and author. Management consultant and professional speaker who makes his topics come alive.
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From @DrKateMarvel
The number of people yelling "it's arson!" at me like that somehow changes the molecular structure of carbon dioxid…
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From @JacquelynGill
@DrKateMarvel I research wildfire. Fire is controlled by two things: ignition, and fuel. Climate change impacts bot…
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From @BlairKing_ca
@JacquelynGill @DrKateMarvel Confused here. The argument appears to be that since 87% of the fires were caused by…
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From @USWeatherExpert
@JacquelynGill @DrKateMarvel That is just nonsense. Theoretically, one might be able to blame lightning-related fir…
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From @JacquelynGill
@USWeatherExpert @DrKateMarvel Just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t. I’ve already ex…
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From @USWeatherExpert
@JacquelynGill @DrKateMarvel I understand just fine. I recommend you spend some time in meteorology and climatology classrooms.
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From @PeterGleick
@USWeatherExpert @JacquelynGill @DrKateMarvel This is awesome. Mr. @USWeatherExpert simultaneously mansplains AND s…
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From @superdeluxe9000
@PeterGleick @USWeatherExpert @JacquelynGill @DrKateMarvel This is so fucking good I’m sitting on my washing machine.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
10s of millions are confused & don't believe those like Gill. Arguments From Authority, handwaving, culturally hostile, & when that fails they push censorship. She'll never figure that out. MT @BlairKing_ca MT @JacquelynGill I research wildfire... Climate change [= more fires]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Gleick & the smart gals - decades later - still haven't figured out why 10s of millions ignore them MT @superdeluxe9000 [cheers] MT @PeterGleick USWeatherExpert mansplains AND sciencesplains incoherent climate science to two of the smartest women climate scientists in the world.