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National Constitution Center
Philadelphia, PA
The Museum of We the People. America's Town Hall. Civic Education Headquarters. CEO @RosenJeffrey.
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Hey Twitter, what's the German word for when you work for the National Constitution Center and you notice your Outl…
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.@sheldongilbert: does the @ConstitutionCtr have plans to engage candidates in Socratic questioning about policy? I don't mean fake MSM questioning that just leads to speeches. I mean challenging them on what they haven't thought through or don't want to reveal?
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@ConstitutionCtr: is a Darwinistic #immigration policy - ppl "crawling across the border" w/ the unfit dying along the way good? #tlot #tcot
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From @24aheaddotcom
@ConstitutionCtr: compare your Scott Bomboy's take on Condi Rice & #immigration to mine: #tlot #tcot #OWS #Occupy