Jason Song/LAT promotes illegal alien taking UCLA education from a U.S. citizen

Jason Song of the Los Angeles Times offers "For an illegal immigrant, getting into UCLA was the easy part" (link), a PIIPP-like story of a woefully unprepared illegal alien's trials and tribulations raising money to attend that school. It has some of the components of other PIIPPs, such as her worries about no one being willing to hire her for her chosen profession after she graduates due to her status. However, unlike other such articles it doesn't advocate for the DREAM Act or similar.

What the article does unwittingly disclose is the anti-American lunacy of UCLA's selection process, under which a very under-qualified student with a (to them) compelling story deprived much more qualified Americans of a spot at a highly-regarded school. Song didn't look into that angle, despite how easy it would have been to find a U.S. citizen with better grades and higher test scores who'd been rejected by UCLA during the same period. Song could then look into their trials and tribulations, and whether any of them were forced to attend lower-ranked schools. For extra credit, Song could have asked the Mexican consulate how they'd feel if an underqualified American student had deprived better qualified Mexican students of educations at a Mexican university.

Obviously, Song isn't that type of reporter, and the LAT isn't that type of paper. Their goal is to print heart-warming tales designed to mainstream massive illegal activity and promote unworkable, anti-American policies.

I'm going to outsource discussing the rest to this and to this. Note that neither article bothers to mention the name of the reporter, and the latter link from Patterico is, as could be expected, little more than demagoguery.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles Times' "Readers Rep" weighs in.


Patrick Frey is a total partisan hack. I stopped reading him years ago, and my old friend the Angry Clam used to write there. Shame on him too. The fact is when they let some illegal alien in who is not qualified to attend UCLA, they are setting them up for failure because mexicans cannot compete with the han chinese on campus. There is like 2 standard deviations of IQ between them, so not only is UCLA fucking over taxpaying American citizens by denying them an education, they are fucking over the illegal alien too who won't cut it. This girl was rejected from SDSU, fer chrissake. Write a sob story, get into UCLA under "comprehensive admissions." What a bunch of bullshit.

No problemo, she can always anchorbaby bastard her way into legal residency and chain migration her way into citizenship and then there's a whole infrastructure of government employment for mediocre Chicano Studies graduates to "continue the quest" of promoting mass criminal immigration.