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Scott W. Graves
Orange County, California
Husband to Tina. Father. Conservative. Libertarian. Utterly disgusted by America's leaders. Mac. Web Development. Wordpress. Travel. History. Wine. Fight On!
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.@ScottWGraves: to actually undercut @benwinograd, make arguments that resonate with his audience & that undercut him to them. Learn.
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Brilliant. DERPMT @ScottWGraves When I see 28 y.o. "#DACA Kid" in U.S. since 5, I wonder "Why have you not made effort to become citizen?"
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From @benwinograd
When I see comments like this, I wonder "Why have you not made the effort to learn anything about our immigration l…
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.@ScottWGraves: obviously, @benwinograd won or tied this round. That's because whoever gave you your ideas is a Breitbart-style buffoon.
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@ScottWGraves: when #libertarian (the "thinkers" of the #teaparty mvmt) support loose/open borders, I'd say that's unAmerican. #tcot #tlot