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Kay Gonzalez
Cranky old lady. I like πŸŒ‹. Poetry. Flowers. History. Beer. Books.
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From @DavidNakamura
Trump fanned a false national security crisis over the 'caravan,' but those who criticized the "media" for focusing…
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From @KayGonzalezcsl
@DavidNakamura @NickMiroff Yes. There is a humanitarian crisis on our doorstep which is being exploited for politic…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@KayGonzalezcsl: Central America has huge problems, & those like @DavidNakamura would make them even worse. He'd deprive CentAm of the very people they need to stay there, abandoning those who can't leave to their fate. It's a truly evil stance but it's good for his bosses.