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Mark Judson For Congress
Mark Judson CPA, CGMA, MBA – Tax Professional, Retired Army Officer, Combat Veteran, Resistance Bad-Ass (D). North Carolina District 7, #NC07 #Resist! #Vote!
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From @DanEggenWPost
”Most Americans did not oppose the salty language of General Patton. All they cared about was that he led us to vic…
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From @Judson4Congress
@DanEggenWPost To be fair - Patton wasn't a draft dodging coward...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Judson4Congress: FYI, your reply was censored by Twitter. As "Brad Parscale is Wrong About Twitter Censorship" shows, Twitter heavily censors libs too (in addition to all other types of users). Will you speak out?