Immigration questions for Gary Johnson

I've previously shown how former New Mexico governor and current U.S. presidential candidate Gary Johnson is wrong on immigration. Now, based on the video below and his past statements, here are some questions for him.

If Johnson appears in your area, I urge you to go out and ask him one or more of these questions on video. Then, upload his answer to video sharing sites; see the question authority plan.

Obviously, Johnson stands no chance whatsoever of becoming president of the U.S. However, the goal here isn't to discredit him so much as discredit his massive immigration stance, using him as simply a proxy for all other supporters of massive immigration. Because he stands little chance at the presidency he's going to be making a large number of public appearances with Q&A sessions. It's going to be much easier to ask him questions than, say, Sarah Palin. Someone who discredited Johnson would also help discredit other libertarians and massive immigration supporters.

Here are some quick questions. If anyone is going to a Johnson appearance and needs help with background information or anything else related to these questions, just leave a comment:

Can you list some of the ways that the Mexican government meddles in our internal affairs or exerts political power inside the U.S.? I'll spot you one: getting involved in the suit against Arizona. How many more can you list? (Note: see the hundreds of posts at the first link in this paragraph for many examples; you'll need to have a list of several and then list off some of the ones that Johnson doesn't mention. The goal of this question is to a) show Johnson up, and b) show that he hasn't thought through one of the major downsides of his plan.)

Who picks up the bill for educating the children of your guests? (note: on the video he promotes a guest workers program. Some of those children will be foreign citizens who are here temporarily, others will be U.S. citizens who will probably be here throughout their entire education.)

What happens when your guests have children (who'd be U.S. citizens)? What's your exact plan to deal with that?

Who picks up the bill when your guests get sick?

Who picks up the bill when your guests get incarcerated in the U.S.?

If the answer to the preceding questions is anything other than "their employers", aren't you - a libertarian - supporting subsidies? Aren't you supporting companies "privatizing the profits and socializing the costs" as they say? That is, companies would get "cheap" labor and be able to pass the true costs of that labor on to everyone else?

The Democrats and the far-left are going to see your guests as a current power base, and one that they could expand even further by putting them on the "path to citizenship". What's your exact plan to deal with all of the pressure that the Democrats and the far-left would exert to turn your guests into citizens?

How can we trust background checks that would necessarily involve the Mexican government (or Central American governments)?

Current illegal aliens are only able to do a small set of jobs; for instance, there are probably few illegal aliens who work as bank tellers. Will your guests be limited to the types of jobs they can pursue, or would they be able to compete against U.S. citizens for jobs as bank tellers, nurses, teachers, and so on? Even if you include such job type limits, won't the banking/healthcare/etc. industries work to reduce those limits (much as industry does now with the H1B cap). What's your exact plan to deal with all of that pressure from industry?

4/25/11 UPDATE: I had a brief Twitter chat with Johnson.