My brief Twitter chat with Gary Johnson on immigration

The graphic below shows the questions I posed to Gary Johnson on Twitter today when he conducted a live chat. Obviously, accusing him of not replying wasn't a smart move, but my Twittering setup isn't ideal [1]. On the other hand, when he did reply it wasn't exactly to my questions and he didn't respond to my follow-ups. It was just an hour and lots of other people were asking him questions, so the reader is urged to go to one of his public appearances and ask him to respond to one or more of the questions when he has more time.

To see the full image, right-click and choose "view image" or similar.

[1] I use search.twitter dot com to find tweets, their highly-problematic "NewTwitter" to see profiles, and this site to send tweets. I haven't conducted an extensive search, but there don't appear to be clients designed for the use-case of someone who doesn't follow people but instead simply does searches.