If Andrea Nill of CAP can't get Steve King's joke, what else is she unclear on?

From this (bolding added):

Immigrant-rights groups sought to tap some of the "tea party" thunder Thursday by using the anti-tax-and-spending movement's nationwide protests to argue illegal immigrants must be legalized because they are eager to pay their full taxes... "Here there are people who don't want to pay taxes, and we're saying there are all these people who want to carry the load and we don't allow them to," said Mary Moreno, a spokeswoman for the Center for Community Change. She led a delegation that delivered five boxes of blank tax forms to a Capitol Hill office as a symbol of all the tax money left uncollected because illegal immigrants have not been legalized... "Oh man. How do they come up with this? They won't be real Americans if they love taxes," said Rep. Steve King, an Iowa Republican who rallied with the tea partiers later in the day... He said the IRS won’t turn down any extra revenue from illegal immigrants who want to pay it now, but also doubted legalization would be a good deal for American taxpayers...

In response to the last, Andrea Nill of ThinkProgress says (thinkprogress.org/2010/04/16/steve-king-immigration-taxes):

King is wrong on both accounts. The truth is that an overwhelming majority of Americans recognize the need to do their part in contributing to the nation’s welfare in the form of taxes. Eighty percent of Americans support maintaining spending levels on domestic programs such as education, health care, and Social Security over lowering taxes. Moreover, a new New York Times/CBS News poll finds that most Americans, 62 percent, regard the income taxes they personally pay as fair, regardless of political partisanship, ideology, or income level.

While King is definitely an anti-tax maven, his quote above was almost certainly meant at least partly in jest, along the lines of complaining about lines at the DMV. Obviously, that possibility flew over Nill's head, resulting in her linking to various immigration economics pseudo-studies that fail to take into account all the costs of comprehensive immigration reform.